Our Mission:
Get n Fit is a Personal Training Studio designed to help our clients realize their health and nutritional goals by maximizing the effectiveness of their workouts. Many gyms have distractions and clients must share equipment, so the workouts aren’t as efficient as they can be. Get n Fit is a Private Personal Training studio, as a result Clients will receive individualized attention, won’t have to wait for equipment and have no distractions. The Result is an efficient, affective workout. During your workouts we will continue to educate you about exercise and nutrition, to give you the tools necessary to continue your program when you aren’t in the presence of your highly trained Personal Trainer.
We also have tools to track your progress. With weekly weigh ins that provide additional information like, Body fat %, Muscle weight, Basal Metabolic Rate, Body Hydration Level, Viseral Fat Rating and Metabolic Age, we can be assured that your body is burning fat and not muscle. We also have a tool to track the exact number of calories your body burns each day. This tool eliminates the guess work and generic assumptions based solely on your age, mistakes that many weight loss programs and personal trainers make when assessing your calorie needs. With this information you can track your calorie intake to guarantee that you maximize your benefits.
Get n Fit has programs for:
Weight loss
Strength and Conditioning
Core and balance
Cardiovascular fitness
Nutritional Guidance